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Ulta naked urban decay

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Wouldn't trade having lots of space and our horses for that though! Keep MUA clutter free. Curious, what products do you use now that work for you? Working retail, I actually had a boss that pushed me to do that. Cheating milf com. I've only had great experiences there and I found the sales associates to be very helpful and nice.

Unfortunately, Ulta is maybe 5 minutes from my place, while Sephora is at least half an hour. Ulta naked urban decay. Buy 2 Get 1 Free. I'm sure I'm the first person to have ever done so. A thousand times this. We do have a Sephora, but it's mall location has made it a bit dirty, crowded, and just sort of below average. Free Clearly Coconut Oil with any Belli order.

Hm ive only been to ulta a few times but im usually in andbout with what i want. July 21, Free Treat: Free Cosmetic Bag with any Color Wow order. Free pictures of big black tits. Some associates are contracted push certain brands - kind of like brand reps, maybe that's the case in your situation.

Ulta naked urban decay

They want their commissions! Don't have that store where I live, so I have zero personal experience but all posts on here seem to be about bizzare or even bad experiences there. Something needs to change. I told her, again, that I was interested in the Naked Palette and I would let her know if I needed any additional help. They've got tons of products and they're all labeled well For instance C,O,S means it's suitable for combo, oily, and sensitive skin. I did have one girl come over to me and show me a palette and she was like "I used this today" and it's creasy, not pigmented, clumpy, patchy mess on her lid There are 3 in my city and two of them are horrible.

She probably ran into 3 different sales reps for specific companies. For their sake, please choose your words more carefully next time. I have so many palettes and I don't think any are better than the other or more "worth it". I do my own research before I commit to a product and sometimes I'm just in the store to see how the actual product compares to reviews I've read.

If you like two palettes, damnit, get them.

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Maybe it's because our Ulta is so new, but I have never had an issue and love the folks who staff it. Nothing was oversold, it fit me fantastically, and while she demo'd some UD products on me the setting spray and eye liner, things I know are awesome anyway and ownit wasn't pushy.

I had a similar experience at Ulta when I went to get the Naked Basics palette. Short story on tit for tat. When I was there because I was hit by indecision of Naked 1 vs 2! She told me that it was overpriced and that I would regret my decision. Maybe there is something going on that we don't know about like I know the associates themselves aren't paid a commission, I've a friend that works at Ulta, but I sometimes wonder if the guys and gals there are persuaded by the different reps to get customers to buy whatever brand.

I gave up and just decided to never shop at Ulta again. Pure Gold Collagen Was: I graduated last May--I grew up here I went to main, not Altoona.

Yeah if they were going to put in a Sephora, it would be downtown aka impossible to get to for anyone who isn't a student. Ulta naked urban decay. Want to add to the discussion? I do not need your help. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Do you not stand behind all your products? I'm sure I'm the first person to have ever done so. They would love to know why you, a self professed makeup addict, aren't spending money in their store!

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That's the only one close to me, and I'd like to buy a Naked palette someday but don't want to order it online. Lauren lane naked. I filled in a survey and am waiting for a manager to call! I know it's awkward, I always felt awkward.

I am too but many people are very shy and wary about asking associates for fear of things like this event happening: I think it really must vary a lot by area, because every Sephora that I've been to in Pennsylvania KoP, Pittsburgh is more like what you're describing. I hope you get a good response, and that they'll maybe learn something from this! We see hundreds of people weekly, just say what ou need help with and they should find someone who can help you with what you want.

The orange isn't working for them. Let me know if there's anything else you're curious about. I think there's a lot that can be said about management and individual staffing, those things really do go a long way!

Wouldn't trade having lots of space and our horses for that though!


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